Bride and groom in a AC Cobra RAM 5.7 V8 1973 classic car at their Woodsome Hall Wedding

As professional photographers, Julie and I get to shoot at some really stunning venues, and we were particularly looking forward to photographing this wedding at Woodsome Hall.

Woodsome Hall is a golf club wedding venue based in Huddersfield. It features a stunning 16th-century clubhouse, which we planned to use for some bride and groom portraits including the wedding breakfast and cake cut later on the wedding day.

The Wedding

Where do we start… We have known the couple for a few years now, and have photographed both the children in our Beverley studio. So we were honoured when they what us to capture their wedding day. Due to the church and wedding venue being nearly 2 hours away, with an early start on Saturday morning Julie and I opted to stay the night before. Hannah had organised accommodation for us to stay in the Dormy House within the grounds of Woodsome Hall, where she and some other family members were staying.  We arrived on Friday afternoon, but visited the Holy Trinity church first for another look around and to confirm route and timings. We were surprised to see everyone arriving while we were there for the rehearsal, great opportunity to meet everyone.

After an early night, it was the morning of the wedding day, after a great breakfast it was time to start… Below is just a small selection of what we captured, happy viewing.

Wedding Morning Bridal Preparations

Bridal preparation in her room within Dormy House Woodsome Hall Bridal preparation final make up touches.  Bridal party hair and make up finished, time for a quick group photo prior to getting ready at Dormy House Woodsome Hall.Wedding dress on hanger waiting for it's beautiful bride to bring it to life. Flower girls dress, shoes and floral headband.

Wedding shoes say so much... These were photographed on the wall outside the Dormy House Woodsome Hall. One happy flower girl, all dressed and ready to go. Chief bridesmaid helping the bride into her dress, overseen by mother.

The Wedding Dress Reveal

Dad seeing Hannah for the first time in her wedding dress, his expression is priceless.

A picture paints a thousand words. Dad seeing his daughter in her wedding dress for the first time.Dad giving his daughter a big hug after wedding dress reveal.

Time to get to Holy Trinity Church Hepworth. Not often that the groom arrives with his son in a AC Cobra Ram 5.7 V8 1973. Plus I got a little ride in it also, obviously only for photography purposes 😉

Groom and son arrive in a AC Cobra RAM 5.7 V8 1973 classic car at Holy Trinity church HepworthHoly Trinity church Hepworth looking stunning in the soft sunlight Groom looking sharp in his Marc Darcy suit, stood next to his AC Cobra RAM 5.7 V8 1973 classic car prior to the weddingOne happy photographer after a quick spin in a AC Cobra RAM 5.7 V8 1973 classic car. Back to photographing the wedding

Look who is sooo excited at mummy and daddy getting married!

One very happy pageboy in his Marc Darcy suit

 The best man carrying out one of his many duties, sorting out the grooms button hole

Father and son having a moment together, prior to going into the church for the wedding ceremony

Arrival at Holy Trinity Church

Here comes the bride! Not to be outdone in wedding car styling, Hannah arrived at Holy Trinity church in Hepworth in a classic 1938 Morris 8. It looked stunning in a royal blue colour, which went well with their wedding colour palette.

A 1938 Morris 8 traditional car brings the bride to Holy Trinity church in Hepworth

Bride looking stunning with her dad in the classic wedding car

The one thing about being a professional photographer is knowing when to capture the moment. Hannah waiting to enter the church with her dad, the look says it all.

Bride arrives at Holy Trinity church with her dad, having a moment to take it all in

The Wedding Ceremony

Bridesmaids and flower girls looking stunning in their pink and ivory dresses. Time to go into church.

Bridesmaid and flower girls in beautiful pink and ivory dresses outside Holy Trinity church HepworthHere comes the bride

Flower girl singing in church

When we say let us capture your memories, it also is those spontaneous moments of family and friends.

Somebody said something funny? Captured at Holy Trinity church Hepworth

You may kiss your bride, the first kiss!

The first kiss The have we just got married look

Time for a few photos outside the church.

The first family photo after getting married Boys will be boys. Pageboy free after being sat still in the church, someone looks happy Young flower girl smiling at gran. Dad still covered in confetti

The we have just got married look Stunning bridal portrait A little quality time together after just getting married Beautiful wedding ring photo

Hannah and Adams first drive as Mr & Mrs Ogden, time to go party at Woodsome Hall.

Woodsome Hall Wedding

Here come the bride and groom, a selection of images captured at Woodsome Hall.

Bride and groom arrive in a AC Cobra RAM 5.7 V8 1973 classic car at their Woodsome Hall WeddingA very happy bridal party outside Woodsome HallMain wedding group photo, time to party. After speeches for some that is...Cap and wedding flowers on a AC Cobra RAM 5.7 V8 1973 classic car at Woodsome Hall WeddingBride and daughter, flower girl together  Chief bridesmaid giving young pageboy a kiss on his cheek

Whilst you are at a golf course you might as well have a play with a golf buggy. Thank you Woodsome Hall golf pro shop for loaning us the buggies.

Bride hitchin a lift from groom in a golf buggy at Woodsome Hall Bestman racing in a golf buggy at Woodsome Hall Bride portrait, looking at her flowers with her veil over her head One chilled happily married groom. Looking very smart in his Marc Darcy suitYoung couple portrait looking very happyHappy couple at a wedding

Great grandma pushing a pram at the wedding

Father and son looking happy. Both in Marc Darcy suits One very happy bride and young son

Bride, groom and children family portrait

Time for the wedding breakfast and cake cut.

Wedding breakfast room at Woodsome Hall. Light and bright decorOne happy wedding couple during their wedding breakfast at Woodsome HallWedding cake cut

Could these images be from a scene of Peaky Blinders? The gents looking very smart in their Marc Darcy suits.

The men looking sharp in their Marc Darcy suits, looks like a photo from Peeky BlindersThe lads out for a stroll prior to going in for the wedding reception

Finally we got a little time alone with our couple to get this stunning image. Using our portable lighting by Elinchrom.

Happy bridal couple portrait

We would like to say a big thank you to all friends, family and staff at Woodsome Hall for making the day a total pleasure.

Congratulations Mr & Mrs Ogden on a perfect wedding day xx

Woodsome Hall golf ball and marker with wedding rings

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