Newly married wedding couple spraying Moet Champaign outside the Millhouse in Skidby


Your wedding is an important day, and there are bound to be photos that you’d like to have taken of special moments. There are several types of photos that are most requested during weddings, so it’s necessary to consider if you’d like to have them taken at your wedding, too. 

Before your big day, you’ll sit down with Ray & Julie Photography, as your Yorkshire Wedding Photographers, to discuss what you do or do not like, to look at photographs, and to talk about your expectations. Before then, take a look at this list of most requested photographs that every couple wants to capture, so you can bring them up during your consultation. Ray and Julie also offer a complimentary engagement shoot so you get used to being photographed and you all get to know each other better.

Capturing Your Rings

The first photograph that couples want is a picture of their wedding rings. These are usually taken before the ceremony, so that they don’t need to be removed following the wedding. The ring below is one of our wedding couples ring from Jens Hansen: Acclaimed Jeweller and Creator of The One Ring.

Wedding Rings. Jens Hansen The One Ring

Bridal Preparation

These photographs are captured when your finishing touches are being made to your hair and make-up etc, before you start putting on your wedding dress. It is also nice to photograph your bridal party, let us say all with a glass of champagne having a toast with the bride.

Bridal preparation photograph with stunning bride taken at Saltmarshe Hall
Saltmarshe Hall - Saltmarshe

The Dress and Details

Before the wedding, your wedding photographer will come to take photos of the wedding dress, the bride’s shoes, and other details. Some women like to have the photographer there while they get ready with their bridesmaids or family, so the photographer captures the process of getting ready for the wedding, too. 

Wedding Dress - Photograph- detail photo fastening the dress
Bride looking at her dress hanging up at Saltmarshe Hall
Detail wedding photos during bridal prep

The Father of the Bride

The first time a father sees his daughter prepared for the wedding is a special moment. Every couple wants to be able to look back and see that reaction, because it shows a father’s love.

A very proud father of the bride, kissing his daughters hand. Black and white photo
Wedding dress - Wedding

The Bridal Portrait

Before the ceremony, but after getting ready, the bride will have a portrait taken. This is the perfect time for it, since she is perfectly primped and primed, looking as pristine as she will that day. This portrait captures how she feels before the wedding as well as the outfit she’s chosen in perfect condition. 

Beautiful Bridal Portrait
Beautiful bridal portrait captured at Bunny Hill Weddings

The Bridal Procession

When the bride arrives to walk down the aisle, it’s important to capture that moment. Not only is it necessary to see her walking and looking forward to her soon-to-be husband, but also to capture the groom’s first reaction to seeing his bride.

Wedding - Wedding dress
Military church wedding bridal procession leaving church smiling
Flower girl stealing the show walking down the isle in church.

Your First Kiss

Another photograph for your photographer to take is one of your first kiss. During the ceremony, when it’s allowed in the venue, your photographer will place themselves in position to capture your first kiss as a married couple. 

The First Kiss. Captured outdoors at Saltmarshe Hall
Wedding reception - Bride

The Best Man’s Speech

During your reception, the best man may give a speech. If he does, your photographer can capture it, people laughing, and the atmosphere that he sets with his words. 

Best man taking the applause after his speech at Tickton Grange Hotel. Black and white photo

The Bridal Party 

Before the ceremony, or sometimes after, depending on what you want, you will have photos with the bridal party. This includes your parents, in-laws, siblings, bridesmaids, and groomsmen, as well as anyone else you’d like photos with. 

Bridal Party and wedding guests outside church throwing confetti over the bride and groom

The Bride and Groom’s Portrait

This is a classic shot of the bride and groom together. It is posed and often used as the main photograph in the wedding album. There will be many photos of both of you together on your wedding day, but it is important to take time to get a few private photos together away from the ceremony. This is a more intimate and professional portrait for your wedding album. 

Newly married wedding couple spraying Moet Champaign outside the Millhouse in Skidby
Wedding dress - Wedding

Candid Photographs

A majority of our couples ask for candid/natural photographs. We love nothing more than capturing the moment. It could be a certain look or laughter etc. 

Candid wedding reception photograph
Wedding guests sharing a joke in church prior to the service. Black and white
Bride at Saltmarshe Hall having a selfie with bridesmaids

Capturing the Ceremony and Reception Room

If you’ll have a reception, then the time and effort that goes into setting up that space aren’t lost on you. Capturing photos of the room and its details, as well as the party you hold after your ceremony, is something your photographer can do for you. This is a great way to capture the “feel” of the wedding and all of your guests in their natural state. It’s a good way to capture people’s true feelings of joy and happiness while they celebrate you, too. 

Wedding ceremony room at Saltmarshe Hall with musicians playing at the back.
Wedding reception - The Beverley Barn
Wedding reception - The Beverley Barn

Contact Your Local Yorkshire Wedding Photographer about Your Wedding Photography Needs

This list of photographs isn’t exhaustive, and there will be particular shots that you do or do not want. At Ray & Julie Photography, we always like to discuss a couple’s priorities and ideal shots during your consultation before the wedding and the type of style of wedding photography that is best for you. Or to see a recent wedding captured at Tickton Grange CLICK HERE.

We would love to be your East Yorkshire wedding photographer and deliver the portraits and photographs that you need and deserve.


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