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Looking for a wedding photographer can be overwhelming.

You may have looked at several already and still don’t know which to choose???

As an East Yorkshire and Hull Award-Winning-Wedding Photographer, we know there are several types of wedding photography, and each one will produce a different approach. When you’re selecting the photographer for your wedding, you should work with one whose style you have seen and would love for your wedding photographs.

Wedding Photography Styles

There are four primary types of wedding photography to consider, which include:

  • Classic or traditional wedding photography
  • High-fashion or Fine Art wedding photography
  • Contemporary/Creative wedding photography
  • Reportage or photojournalistic wedding photography

The majority of people still go with traditional photography, but that may not be the style for you. The time you have for the photo sessions will make a difference in the approach you choose.

In this article, we’ll discuss what you should consider when you’re deciding on the photography styles you like and look for when hiring a photographer. Here’s a breakdown of each type and what you can expect with it.

Bride and Groom Barn wedding photograph. A lovely moment captured during the service at The Beverley Barn East Riding of Yorkshire by Ray and Julie Photography.

Classic/Traditional Photography

Classic, also known as traditional, photography is elegant and stands the test of time. Think about your parents’ or grandparents’ wedding albums, and you’ll understand what classic photography is. The editing techniques usually keep the image clear and sharp, though some traditional styles are softer.

Many classic photographers already have a list of images they’ll be taking, such as a picture with your family, one at the altar, or one walking down the aisle. They also have specific ways of posing subjects, and they’re unlikely to stray too far from those poses. Traditional photography usually involves getting group shots at the wedding, capturing guests images during the reception and taking photographs of the bride and groom together or separately.

Some classic photography will come with black and white images, which you can ask for if you’re interested.

Good looking bride and groom stood outside Saltmarshe Hall East Yorkshire. Photograph taken just after their wedding ceremony with a vintage car also in the photograph.

High-Fashion/Fine Art Photography

High-fashion photography is more artistic because it emphasises these photos as a type of art. The images may be similar to what you’d see in a wedding magazine or Voguefor example. If you want to highlight your dress, tuxedo, or accessories, then this may be the style for you.

With this style, you can ask the photographer to focus on fine details, such as taking photographs of your flowers, the groomsmen’s suits, or portraits of anyone helping you get ready for the big day.

Fine art photography’s goal is to make your wedding look like a magazine or something you’d see in fine art galleries. When you look back at this kind of wedding album, it should evoke a sense of awe for its beauty.

Bride sat by the piano at Bunny Hill Weddings, photograph by recommended supplier Ray and Julie Photography

Contemporary/Creative Photography

Contemporary photography is creative by nature. It may include fun photographs of everyone jumping into the air in celebration or posing in dramatic form. Contemporary photography tends to combine some traditional elements with fun touches, like images of laughing family members and friends or a traditionally posed photograph with a stunning landscape in the background.

Choosing the right wedding photography styles can be challenging. Still, if you like how some types of photos pull out the unique attitudes of different people in a picture or capture the wedding’s feeling without being too stiff, this is a good option.

Wedding guests laughing after sharing a joke in church prior to the ceremony starting. Black and white photograph taken by Ray and Julie Photography.

Reportage /Photojournalistic Photography

Finally, there is reportage mostly known in the UK as photojournalistic or documentary photography. Imagine your day like a movie, and you’ll understand how photojournalists work. They take pictures throughout the day without having to stop you or ask you to pose. They photograph moments in time as they unfold, capturing genuine emotions.

Photojournalistic/Documentary style photography happens as your day happens, so if you want the photographer to capture images of your reception room and cake, first dance or other details, make sure to discuss it with and possibly guide them by providing them with an itinerary.

That will help them provide you with better quality images for your wedding album. While many photographers have a grasp of when certain things will happen during your wedding, including your photographer in the wedding planning can make a difference in what the photographer captures and where they’re located at your venue when certain events occur.

Bride and groom in church having their first kiss as husband and wife during the wedding ceremony. Flower girl not very impressed looking away.

Things to Consider When Choosing a Photography Style

When you’re selecting the kind of photography you want, you have to think about:

First, think about your location in comparison to the style you’re considering. If you keep pulling out photos you love with the sea in the background but are getting married in the town center, your ideas for photographs may not come out how you’d like. Make sure that you choose a style that will work in your location.

Second, consider your schedule. How long do you want to spend taking photographs? If you’re okay with spending an hour on pictures, traditional photography could work for you. If you don’t want to stop for any group photos and want to keep the day moving, then a more journalistic style may be right for you.

Finally, think of the time of year. Are you getting married in March? It’s likely to be raining, so the nature-based photos you like might not be possible. Will you get married in July? It may be sunny and hot, making you want to spend less time outdoors.

What Should You Ask When Speaking With a Potential Wedding Photographer

Whenever you speak with a wedding photographer, the first question you have should be to see their printed or digital portfolio. You should see photographs from more than one wedding because you want to know that the photographer can reproduce the same style of images that they claim they can create for you with more than one couple. You may also want to ask for referrals, so you can speak with other couples who have worked with the photographer in the past.

Once you see and feel comfortable with the photographer’s portfolio, the next thing to do is talk about rates and dates. Find out if the photographer has your preferred date open. Typically, it’s a good idea to select your venue and date before choosing your photographer, because many professionals book years/months in advance, especially during the wedding season. Ensure the photographer’s pricing falls within your budget and that they’re available to work on your wedding day.

A third thing to do, which many couples don’t think about, is to create a list of photographs they want in advance (this is called a shot list). Do you want to see your mum and dad dancing at your reception? Please make a note of it for your photographer. Will you be devastated without a photograph of your first kiss? Your photographer needs to know so that they can anticipate that particular moment.

Bride and Groom outdoor autumn wedding photograph under an umbrella.

Also, ask the photographer about an engagement shoot, a test photoshoot, or for past portrait work they’ve done, so you can see what kinds of options you have.

When choosing wedding photographers, make sure they’re prepared to adapt if the weather changes or your day isn’t exactly the way you planned. Ask them if they have backup equipment. Many photographers are prepared with umbrellas, special lenses, lighting and other specific equipment, but it’s still smart to ask when you’re choosing a wedding photographer to book.

Finally, remember that it’s always a good idea to speak to more than one wedding photographer about your wedding inspiration. You will feel more comfortable if you have a selection of photographers to choose from, so keep doing your research before deciding who will take your portraits and bring life and magic to your final wedding book. Weddings usually happen only once, so your photographer must capture everything you’re looking for in your wedding images and album.

What is Ray and Julie Photography’s Style

For years Julie and I used to be really worried as we never seemed to fit into one of the stereotyped style pigeon holes. After a few years, we now understand why! Our style of photography is whatever you would like, we are award-winning-photographers professional enough to adapt our photography to your requirements. After photographing your complimentary engagement shoot we discuss in depth the style you would like for your special wedding day. If you would like to see some more of our wedding photography, here is a link to view our wedding gallery.

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